Do you need help with your marketing?

Iam Lars Heinemann, living in Linköping, Sweden and I like to help you with my skills.

Since 2009 I have been working in the marketing sector, especially in online marketing, brand marketing, direct marketing. Iam a growth hacker. I can bring you new customers online.


I learnt about

  • how to growth the business in different channels or in the mix (SEO, SEM, Display, Affiliate, Social Media)
  • improving the conversion rate and performance
  • developing a brand
  • creating a google conform website and content
  • analysing websites and cleaning the onpage mistakes
  • building links
  • analysing link profiles of websites
  • doing negative link building
  • making social media campaigns
  • finding the right affiliate partners
  • optimizing google or facebook ads
  • writing interesting blog posts or articles
  • increasing the sales numbers
  • finding the right target groups and send perfect mails to them
  • doing A-B testing: what is the best banner, the best subject line for your email, the best place for your call to action button

All competences in detail here.


I worked in different business sectors: couponing, clothes, digital photo finishing and printing, print, finance, as an employee or freelancer.

Here are my references.


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